Are you ready to discover great actors and be their manager on their way to stardom? You are in the right place! These 5555 awesome Pandas are ready to show off your skills! Join the exclusive world of SuperB Panda Club and Own Your Quirk!

As you, our beloved members already know, SuperB Panda Club has many great features to be the market leader and legendary project even in this market. For those who don't know the great qualities of our bizarre friends, let me explain;

As you walk through our social media accounts or just videos and news about us online, you might notice that we are one of the few NFT projects with high-quality animations and rich visual content. That's because there is a force to be reckoned with in that area behind these pandas; Toonxr Animation.

And what does bring to the table other than these great animations and images? Well, brace yourself!

SuperB Panda Club is giving you a chance to be the manager of your own NFT and make a profit from it! So what does that mean?

Each and every NFT of SuperB Panda Club collections is rigged and ready to use in any production, and we are providing the holder of each NFT with the profit from usage of IP (Intellectual Property).


Basically, SuperB Panda Club is a casting agency and NFTs are the actors. We are arranging projects of many kinds for our pandas and getting them roles in a variety of productions such as Animation movies, movies, TV Series, Music Clips, Advertises, Games, merchandising etc.

Just like it applies to real-life actors, our Pandas who get a role in those productions and projects will receive an acting fee for their performances and appearances. Some may start their career as the star of the production while others climb the ladder! Each of these pandas will receive payment according to their place in production. (For example, a lead actor will earn more than a set extra)

While SuperB Panda Club holds the right to decide whether these pandas will appear or how big of a role they will get, every holder can bring deals to the table for their pandas.

Whoever mints each NFT, will be known as the talent scout of that panda FOREVER,
which means they will be receiving a portion of that panda's earnings for the rest of their career. (Talent Scout 25%, Holder 75%)

The only thing left to do is scout some talent among these amazing pandas and pave the road to an amazing career!

SuperB Panda Club is an eco-friendly NFT project.

We are aware of the global climate crisis and we are clearing our carbon footprint to compensate for our energy consumption.Our goal is to make the world we live in greener than it is, and to this goal, we are glad to announce that with every transaction and sale, we are going to plant a tree in the special SuperB Panda Club forest.