Frequently Asked Questions
What is special about Project?

The road starts with those who believe, not with those who are convinced. SuperB Panda Club consists of an expert team devoted to nature and living ecosystems. We aim to unite the art and the digital world in the most warm and sincere way in the NFT community. We believe SuperB Pandas have a long life ahead of them, and will be an ever-growing and evolving project.

How many NFTs are available for mint?

5.555 Pandas and 100 Star Pandas are available for mint. 100 Star Pandas are considered as a separate collection.

What are the mint prices? When is the mint date?

Pre-sale: 0.05 ETH and Public-sale 0.07 ETH is the price for 5.555 Pandas. Star Pandas mint prices yet to be decided. The mint date for 5.555 Pandas is February 28 Pre-sale and March 1 Public-sale. And the mint of Star Pandas collection will follow the original collection.

What blockchain is SuperB Panda Club on?

SuperB Panda Club is on Ethereum Blockchain.

Are there going to be Female Pandas as well?

Yes, Female pandas will be on second part of the collection.